Fun Facts

1.  I was born in The Democratic Republic of Congo 2. Because of photography I lust after cameras 3. In high school, I played basketball, soccer, and ran track 4. Evolution betrayed me at birth - I'm supposed to be in the NBA 5. In the Congo, "Shako" means the second born twin 6. I'm a part time ninja trying to win the heart of a mermaid 7. My life philosophy is low finger print, high impact  8. Pregnant women scare me 9. After Katrina, I picked up, moved to New Orleans, and lived there for four years 10. In undergrad I won the local ADDY Awards, the world's largest advertising competition with over 5,000,000 entries annually. 11. I was class president 12. I was featured in Elle South Africa as an upcoming creative from Congo 13. I trash talk when it come to sports (March Madness is the worst) GO TAR HEELS) 14. For retirement, I plan on starting a unicorn farm.