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Has given me a sense of wonder and Imagination.  


Immaculate Taste & Runway Clothing Collaboration

“Growing up in Congo and later in North Carolina soccer was our first sport we as a family fell in love with” We used to collect soccer cards and jerseys—dreaming to one day play professionally. When the decision came down to figuring out our first campaign, it only made sense to go with a soccer jersey

Goal: Design a Jersey in collaboration with Runway Clothing reflecting the love of soccer, Music and the city of Durham, NC.

Immaculate Taste is a North Carolina-based record label and management company comprised of 3 Congolese creatives Alec Lomami, Shako Oteka and Mike Tambashe

Runway is an apparel and lifestyle brand empowering people to run from convention.

Uploaded by shako oteka on 2018-10-17.

Jersey Shoot

Photographer: Shako Oteka Model: Mariam Dialo, Alec Lomami

Art Director: Shako Oteka & Alec Lomami (@ThemCongoBoyz)

Credit: Art Director: Shako Oteka, Alec Lomami Photographer: Shako Oteka Production: Mike Tambashe

Team submission for Future Lions 2016.  

Imagining a world more connected by photo.

Credit: Shak Oteka, Experience Designer; Rian Chandler-Dovis, Creative Brand Manager; Kate Lane, Creative Brand Manager; Troy Gary, Creative Brand Manager.  

My contributions: Concept, App Prototype, Filming & Editing.